Mendel is for hire as a freelancer in the following roles. He is much in demand, so make him an offer he cannot refuse, in a non-Godfather way ;)

  • Singer (pop, rock, electro, jazz, soul, funk)
  • Writer (tabletop RPG, game story lines, narratives, dialogues, fiction)
  • Music composer
  • Music Producer
  • Game designer (Video games, Tabletop RPGs, game mechanics, flow, game balancing)
  • Game producer
  • Indie Game Business and Marketing advisor
  • Creative director (games, music, events)
  • Event producer (Hackathons, conferences, game jams)
  • Startup coach or mentor (social entrepreneurship, innovation, game industry, music business)
  • Intervision partner (for fellow social and ambitious board members, business owners, and entrepreneurs)
  • Board member

In the past, Mendel has worked on the following projects with the following organizations:



  • Æther Void (table top RPG)
  • Fringe Planet
  • Chasing Pumpkins
  • Stereo Aereo
  • Nadia was Here
  • Convoy
  • Pulstar
  • Farcry 3
  • World of Tanks
  • Heavy rain
  • Uncharted 2
  • Uncharted 1
  • Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty
  • Rayman Raving Rabbits 3
  • inFamous
  • Resistance: Fall of Man
  • Grand Turismo 5
  • Singstar
  • MAG
  • Fifa 08
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


  • Momentum, Odyssey (world’s first online massive multi-user collaborative innovation experience)
  • Odyssey, Odyssey (formerly Dutchchain), the 3rd installment of the world’s biggest Blockchain hackathon
  • Blockchaingers, Dutchchain, the 2nd installment of the world’s biggest blockchain hackathon
  • The Dutch Blockchain Hackathon, the 1st installment of the world’s biggest blockchain hackathon
  • Aquathon, a Hackathon to solve foreseeable problems with water safety issues (mainly floading risks)
  • Hack of a City, City of Groningen, a Hackathon to solve modern social problems of modern cities.
  • Indie Gameleon, a 5 day indie game conference, held in Groningen, the Netherlands (twice), and Hamburg, Germany (once).


  • Blockbird (Coaching)
  • Cloudwhale (Coaching)
  • I am Ebel (Coaching)
  • Tweetal Studios (Coaching)
  • Delink esports (Coaching)
  • Spaghetti Games (Coaching)
  • Social innovation magzine, City of Amsterdam
  • Utrecht – Schiphol railroad arch (safety and signalling), Bombardier Transportation, Primavera Nederland, ProRail, NS


  • Perspectief Groningen (Member of the Board), foundation for promotion and stimulation of the Province of Groningen
  • The Indietopia Accelerator (ex Board member), foundation for accelerating indie game development studios
  • Fablab Groningen, (ex Board member), foundation and maker space to stimulate open source maker mindset and support makers