Mendel Bouman Goes Davinci

Mendel Bouman Goes Davinci

(Click on the ‘CC’ button for subtitles). This is my very first video pitch! And also my new campaign against single-mindedness in any field of business. It is a dogma that one person cannot be good at many things and I’ve started my campaign against this dogma to show that there are talented people that …

S.A.M. by WhoMusic and Emagica

S.A.M. is the first collaboration between Saul (WhoMusic) and myself (Mendel), and hence the all inspiring project name: S.A.M. Coming from to totally different musical backgrounds, we had no idea where this would go, but it quickly developed into a tension filled soundtrack for a dramatic scene with dark synths, bright pads, pushing violins, and …

The World According to Pijnacker-Nootdorp

The World According to Pijnacker-Nootdorp

Recently Motivaction approached me to make a Mental Map for the municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp (in the Netherlands) on how the people living there view their surroundings, where they work, where they move to, etc. And this is what we came up with after receiving, discussing and analyzing the data from Motivaction’s research :)

Concept Art for the Hapy Song Animation Video by Martine Rademakers

Martine Rademakers to make video for Happy Song

I’m greatly pleased to tell you that Martine Rademakers will be making an animation video for the instrumental version of my song: Happy Song. Emagica – Happy Song (instrumental) I’m thrilled about this development and very curious to see the final result :) Please make sure to check her website and see all her other …

RKZbios Programme November 2011

Programme Flyer design RKZbios November 2011

This is my design for the RKZbios programme flyer for the month of November. I had a nice theme to work with and was grateful for my girl’s collection of EPs. No worries… no limited edition vinyls were harmed in the making of this product. View the full size image here.

World of Tanks in Dutch

In February I was contacted by Andovar and asked if I was interested in translating World of Tanks.I was, and after a translation test, I was deemed worthy of the task and set to it. Recently, I downloaded (free to play!) and installed the game (in Dutch of course) and found most of my texts …