The Fringe Planet Main Theme

I am honoured to be asked to make the music for the awesome upcoming crossover survival / god game Fringe Planet. The game is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s work, Rim World, Dwarven Fortress, and Factorio and to come out on Steam on July 31st 2020. The theme is partially inspired by the works of john …

Chasing Pumpkins

Chasing Pumpkins, now on iOS

I had the opportunity to compose and create the music for Chasing Pumpkins, a new Halloween title for iOS (puzzle and action as you move around blocks to avoid pumpkins, and squash them). This track is a compilation of the Victory music, In-game music and Main Menu music for the game Pumpkin Madness: …

Ninna Nanna per Juno

On this day Juno, our Second daughter was born, and just as with our firstborn, I composed a lullaby for Juno for when she has trouble sleeping or needs some comfort. The track features, alto flute, oboe, marimba, pizzicato basses, cello in a mix of soothing melody and harmony.

The E-zine for the municipality of Amsterdam

Dutch Project: E-zine for the municipality of Amsterdam

Brandstof (means: fuel, inspired by the School of Life) hired us (Joost Drijver, Degelijk Design – Martijn Coevert, We Want Web, and myself) to build this E-zine for the municipality of Amsterdam: Nieuw Nieuw West Have a look if you want to know what’s happening (and ask your friendly neighborhood Dutch translator to help you …

Shattenspiel in progress

New collaborations turned cinematic

Two new tracks. Both exciting collaborations. The first is a new collaboration with Gert Jan Turin, an upcoming DJ from Groningen: This track is half Emagica and Half Gert Jan. I had a freaky basic setup with heavy beats and violins, and Gert Jan turned it into a a Trance Track with 90’s sounds. I …

S.A.M. by WhoMusic and Emagica

S.A.M. is the first collaboration between Saul (WhoMusic) and myself (Mendel), and hence the all inspiring project name: S.A.M. Coming from to totally different musical backgrounds, we had no idea where this would go, but it quickly developed into a tension filled soundtrack for a dramatic scene with dark synths, bright pads, pushing violins, and …

The World According to Pijnacker-Nootdorp

The World According to Pijnacker-Nootdorp

Recently Motivaction approached me to make a Mental Map for the municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp (in the Netherlands) on how the people living there view their surroundings, where they work, where they move to, etc. And this is what we came up with after receiving, discussing and analyzing the data from Motivaction’s research :)