Pulstar, out on Steam! :)

Pulstar, out on Steam! :)

It finally happened! Frans, Heleen, and myself, have finished working on Pulstar and it is out on Steam, Now! :) Frans did all the programming and game-development in general, Heleen did all the art and planning, and I was responsible for the universe, flavor, a tad of storytelling, the music and the audio! Check it …

CINOP (made by Thomas Grootoonk, music by Moi)

CINOP (made by Thomas Grootoonk, music by Moi)

This wonderful animation was made by Thomas Grootoonk and I had the privilege to make the music for this animation. The music features: – Steinway Grand Piano samples – Live recorded Spanish Guitar – Live recorded Mandolin – Live Recorded Bass Guitar – Drum samples (played with brushes) – Glockenspiel samples

The E-zine for the municipality of Amsterdam

Dutch Project: E-zine for the municipality of Amsterdam

Brandstof (means: fuel, inspired by the School of Life) hired us (Joost Drijver, Degelijk Design – Martijn Coevert, We Want Web, and myself) to build this E-zine for the municipality of Amsterdam: Nieuw Nieuw West Have a look if you want to know what’s happening (and ask your friendly neighborhood Dutch translator to help you understand what …

Dutch job: Onderneem het

Dutch job: Onderneem het

I recently was asked to create this little video. It is based on an existing After Effects template that I modified to match the clients wishes. Furthermore, I matched the video and music to each other (featuring an edited version of an older track of mine) and custom Sound FX. You can listen to the …

Still from the Happy Song Animation by Martine Rademakers and Mendel Bouman

Stop Motion Animation for Happy Song

This wonderful animation was made by talented artist and animator Martine Rademakers, who was in for a nice collaboration and chose one of my old tracks “Happy Song (instrumental)” to make a Stop Motion animation according to her own artistic impression of the tune. The result can be seen here. I hope you all like …

The PICNIC festival logo

Music produced for the PICNIC innovation festival leader

Recently, I was asked to compose the music for the leader of the PICNIC innovation festival 2012 (thanks to Claynote (adaptive) music). And this is the result. Or just listen to the music, here: PICNIC12 Trailer – Beastie Parker Credits: Creative Director: Marcel Kampman – http://www.kampman.nl/ Camera: Bjorn Eerkes – http://bemedia.nl/ – Marcel Kampman Music: Mendel Bouman – Emagica …

Shattenspiel in progress

New collaborations turned cinematic

Two new tracks. Both exciting collaborations. The first is a new collaboration with Gert Jan Turin, an upcoming DJ from Groningen: This track is half Emagica and Half Gert Jan. I had a freaky basic setup with heavy beats and violins, and Gert Jan turned it into a a Trance Track with 90’s sounds. I …